Questions and Answers:

Twingaroo Twin Baby Carrier

Can one person put it on alone?

Absolutely. The whole purpose of the Twingaroo carrier was to make it simple and easy to use. There is no need for a second adult to help you put on or take off this carrier. It’s as easy as pie!For video tutorials please visit the Gallery section.

Can I carry an infant and toddler or does it have to be twins?

The Twingaroo twin carrier is designed to hold two children (10-35 lb each) of equal or different weight when used as a tandem carrier.We do recommend you place the heavier child on the back.

When used to carry only one child, the carrier can hold up to 45 lb on either side.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. The Twingaroo carrier was designed with safety in mind and was certified a “Hip Healthy” carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. It has also passed all ASTM and EN testings by a lab approved by the Consumer Product and Safety Commission.

When can I start using my Twingaroo carrier?

It is recommended to wait until your child has full head support before wearing them in any back carrier. However, you can use your Twingaroo as two single carriers (both in the front) the moment they are 10 lbs!

Will the Twingaroo Twin Carrier fit me?

The Twingaroo twin carrier’s waist bands extends up to 62″.

Can I use this carrier with just one child?

Yes! You can use this carrier as a tandem carrier or with just one child (on the back or front). Genius right?

How many pieces is this carrier? Do I have to carry around different sections to connect?

The Twingaroo carrier consists of a front and back panel that can be used as a tandem carrier or separately as two single carriers (with the purchase of the Conversion Strap Kit). The Twingaroo is simplicity at its best.

Is the Twingaroo machine washable?

Sure is! The care instructions for the Twingaroo carrier are on the back of the manual, as well as on the inside label of the waist.

What if I don't want to wear two infants?

Want to wear only one child? We’ve got you covered. Simply fold the front carrier into the fanny pack located on the waist band and TA DAH! You have a single carrier (Insert applause here)!

I'm not in the US. Where can I purchase the amazing Twingaroo carrier?

To find out where you can purchase a Twingaroo carrier please check the ‘Where to Buy’ page. If the Twingaroo is not sold near you, select Stuff 4 Multiples and you will be taken to our parent company. Stuff 4 Multiples ships the Twingaroo carrier world wide!

Can the Twingaroo carrier be used as two separate carriers?

Yes you can wear the Twingaroo as TWO separate carriers with the purchase of the Conversion Strap Kit. Simply buckle the extra straps to the front panel to convert it into it’s own independent carrier!